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Exercise 12x 10m drills: ‘A’Walk; ‘A’Stick; ‘A’Skip.2x 15m drills: ‘B’walk; ‘B’skips; Straight leg; Ankle run forward /backward.2x20m drills: Zig-zag runs; Side to side; High knee bounce skip; Carioca .2x25m drills: Ankle bounce FW/BW; Ankle bounce turning around; Skippings.2x30m drills: ‘A’skips 1leg ‘B’skips 1leg ‘C’skips 1 leg; Ankle bounce 1 leg.Running drill: Bounding single leg 3×20+20 mRunning drill: Bounding both legs 3x20mRunning drill: A-SKIP both legs in the air 3×20+20 mRunning drill: acceleration bounds 2×8-6-4-2 stepsRunning 2x40m; 3x30m.Running 2x50m; 3x40m; 4x30m.Running 2x60m; 3x50m; 4x40m.Running 3×60 m; 4x50m; 5x40m.
Exercise 2Ankle running drill on the spot 2x30secWall Sprint High knees Single leg + hold 2×12+12Wall Sprint high knees 2×10 secOn the spot 1 leg High knee single leg change + hold 2×8-8On the spot 1 leg High knee double leg change+ hold 2×8+8Lateral High knees heisman 2 steps + hold 2×8+8Lateral High knees heisman 4 steps 2x10secZig-Zag shuffle forward / backward 2x20mZig-Zag shuffle forward / backward 3x20mAcceleration 10 m + back-pedal 5m 3xFull courtAcceleration 10 m + back-pedal 5m 4xFull court3 qcuick long steps + stop 3×6+63 steps + stop 3×6+6
Exercise 3Running 2x5m; 2x10mRunning 1x20m; 2x10m; 2×5 mRunning 1x30m; 2x20m; 2x10m; 2x5m.Running 2x30m; 2x20m; 2x10m; 2x5m.Running 2x30m; 2x20m; 3x10m; 3x5m.Running 2x30m; 3x20m; 3x10m; 3x5m.Running 2×3 10m run fast, 5m slow, 10fm fast.Running 2×4 15m run fast, 5m slow, 15fm fast.Running 2×5 20m run fast, 5m slow, 20fm fast.Running 3x20m; 4x10m; 5x5m.Running 4x20m; 5x10m; 5x5m.Running 4x30m; 5x20m; 6x10m; 6x5m.Running 4x30m; 5x20m; 6x10m; 6x5m.
Exercise 4Standing both arm swing 2×20 secWide defence stance + arms swing 2×30 secSingle leg standing, opposite leg knee high. Arm swing 2×20+20secLunge position + arms swing 2×15+15 secQuadrant jumps both legs, 2×10+10 sec (both sides)Quadrant single leg 2×10+10 sec (both sides)Defence stance + 1leg footwork: sidestep 2×10 +10secDefence stance + 1leg footwork: diagonal steps 3×10 +10secDefence stance + 1leg footwork: front and back 3×10 +10secQuick hip twists 90 degrees 3x10secQuick hip twists 180 degrees 3×6+6Quick hip twist + quick 1 slide 3×8+8Quick hip twist + diagonal step + stepback 3×8+8
Exercise 5Running 3x 10m running, 5 m backward running, 5m running forward 5,m backward runningCOD: run forward, the turn 180d. run forward. 3x 10m -> 10m ->5m -> 5mCOD: slide 5m -> slide 5m -> run 5m -> run5m 2×3COD: 4x crossing-over 5m -> back to the sprint 10mCOD: 3x crossing-over running 5m -> 10 m running -> 5m crossing over -> 10 m runningShuttle run 4x10m 2sets 2 repetitionRunning 6x 5m imitation of COD. Turn to lunge position and back to the sprinting.Change of Pace Drill 4-5 steps. 2×8+8Crossing over 1 step + come back step 3×8+83->2->1 slides both sides + running half court 3×34->3->2->1 slides both sides + running full court 3×42×3 505 agility drill2×4 505 agility drill
Exercise 6Low position. Circle run around b-ball 2×5+5 timesIckey shuffle 2×10 secWide Defence stance + fast feet both legs 2×10 secQuick lateral scissors on the spot both sides 2×10+10 secLateral scissors side moving both sides 2×10+10 secLine Hop Diagonal 2 Leg 2x10secLine Hop Diagonal single Leg 2×10+10sec2×2 Lane agility drill2×3 Lane agility drillStar agility drill 2×3T Test Drill 2×3Star agility drill 2×4T Test Drill 2×4

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