Player age (years old)
Exercise 1Wall-sit 2 sets 4×8 secs, few seconds rest between + arms hold in front of your chestWall-sit 2 sets 5×8 secs, few seconds rest between + arms bouncing in front of your chestWall-Sit 2sets 5×10 secs, few seconds rest between + wall slides (elbow)Wall-Sit 2sets 6×10 secs, few seconds rest between + steering wheel b-ball in frontWall-Sit 2sets 2×30-20-10 sec, few seconds hold betweenWall-Sit 3×50 secs + arms lateral raisesSumo squat turn to lunges both sides 3×6Roll to squat 3×8Low defensive position + side shuffle, short steps 3x40secReverse Lunge + high knee 3×8+8Front lunge + quick step back + hold hign knee 3×10+10Blugarian lunge + high knee to chest 4×8+8Single leg pistol squat with assistance 4×6+6
Exercise 2Raised arm circles 2×20 secDefence stance. Raised arm circles 2×30 secWall push – up 2×10Wall push – up + bounce from the wall 2×12Plank with tap shoulder 2×30 secplank with shoulder raise 3×40 secLying on stomach prone T+Y raises 3×12Pulse rows 3×15Plank to push-up 3×40 secShoulder push up 3×12Push-ups + arm raise over the head 3×10+10Single arm ball push-up 4×8+8Close grip push up + wide push up 4×15
Exercise 32 legs bridge hold + rest few seconds. 2 sets 3x10sec2 legs heel bridge hold + rest few seconds. 2 sets 4x10sec2 legs glute bridge 2×15Dynamic Glute Bridge Switches 2×30 secGlute Bridge with Knee Extension 2×12+12Double leg glute bridge elevated + on the heels 3×12Single leg glutes bridge elevated 3×12+12Standing hamstring curl 3×12+12Single leg RDL position. Standing hamstring curl 3×12+12Hamstring heel walking, short steps 3×8Single leg RDL 3×10+10Single leg RDL ecc phase slow + fast con phase 4×12+12Single leg RDL ecc phase slow + fast con phase + Jump single leg 4×12+12
Exercise 4Lying on the side + lateral leg raise glutes hold 2×15+15 secLying on the side + lateral leg raise glutes bounce 2×20+20 secSingle leg balance + quick defensive arms swings 2×40+40 secStanding single leg side raises 2×12+12Standing single leg glute kickbacks (45degrees)
+ hold 2×15+15
Bounce squats low position 3×40-35-30 secSingle leg Y-Balance 3×4+4Scapula push up, on knees 3×15Back widows on the ground + hold few seconds 3×12Push – up -> walk out 3×12Lying on stomach arms behind the head elbow rises 3×15Single arm push-up 4×12+12Push up, one hand grip is higher than opposite + swich 4×20
Exercise 5B-ball circle around the head both sides. 2x30secDefence stance. B-ball circle around the head both sides 2x40secTricep b-ball extensions 2×15Bent over lateral arms raises 3×15Lying on stomach Reverse angels 2×10Lying on stomach Lifting b-ball ball over the head 3×12Lying lat pulldown with towel 3×15Single leg lying glute raises + hold 3×10+10Double leg lying glute raises 3×12Prone Figure 4 Leg Lift 3×10+10Prone Lying Hip Extension with Knee Flexion + hold 3×8+8Side Lunges + high knee 4×10+10Front-Diagonal-Side lunge combo single leg 3×6+6
Exercise 6Sumo squat 2×6Sumo squat 2×8Sumo squat 2×10Side lying adductor leg lifts 2×12+12Standing wlo mini squats 2×15Split Stance Squat ecc phase slow (3-5s) down, faster up 3×8+8Squat rocks 3×15Triceps dips (legs are bent) 3×12Tricep dips 3×10Burpee. Straight arms-plank to stand up( no push up, no jump) 3×12Tricep dips 4×15Tricep dips single leg on the ground 4×8+8Tricep dips both legs elevated 4×8+8


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