Physical preparation

1. Explosive power – Vertical jump: Counter movement test

2. Speed: 20 metres sprint.

3. Agility and coordination: T-Test

On the –go– command, the participant (1) ran or moved as quickly as possible forward to the center cone, (2) sidestepped to the right 5 m to the right cone, (3) sidestepped to the left 10 m to the far left cone, and then (1) sidestepped back to the right to the center cone (Figure 1)


Basketball Specific tests:

1. For high intensity shooting ability: One Minute Shooting Test

Test objective: the rates of this test estimate the sensorimotor capabilities of the player, the stability of shooting along with the ability to adapt to game situations (given the quite intensive physical load and the manifestation of certain fatigue). For 1 min, the subjects were shooting from the three points distance A, B, C (close distance, middle, and long distance). On the signal “Ready, go,” the performer ran and shot from zone A, B, and C, and after each attempt the performer ran backward (Figure 2) to the center line and the ball was passed to the shooter by another player standing under the basket. Two timed trials were given and two were recorded. Recovery between trials was 10–12 min. The best result was used for analysis.

In the official basketball court, the subject starting the test from the center of the court. After a signal player run to the 3 points line, getting the ball by passing and performing a shot, then coming back to the center of the court and running to the middle shot place, getting the ball by passing and performing a shot, after shot running back to the center of the court and running to perform the shot under the basket. After that repeating everything from the beginning. Result counted as follows: made shot under the basket -1 point, made shot from middle distance – 2 points, made shot from 3 points line – 3 points. Time given for the test is 60 sec. Test result: sum of points of made shots from different distances (see figure 2).


2. Shooting stability: 30 free throws shots

6 sets by 5 free throws are performed, after each set of 5 shots player has to move from the standing position and go to the base-line and back. Test result: made shots of 30 attempts

3. Ball dribbling ability – Shuttle ball dribbling test: High aerobic capacity & special endurance, shuttle dribbling test and recovery

Shuttle ball-dribbling test description. Shuttle ball dribbling test constantly changing hand for ball dribbling (see Figure 2), subjects covered an overall distance of 212.4 m. Test result – time spent for full distance.


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